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Audit & Compliance Management

Reziliant Audit & Compliance

Management Application

What Is Reziliant?

Reziliant by Deslyon is an audit and compliance management application designed to simplify organisational governance and compliance requirements, demonstrating capability and maturity.

  • Over 100 compliance frameworks
  • Risk Management
  • Issue Management
  • Vendor Management

Who Is It For?

Reziliant is designed to be flexible enough to suit any business environment.  It has been designed for use in micro business environments and scales to meet the demanding requirements of large corporates.

  • Auditors
  • Compliance Managers
  • Business Owners
  • Risk Managers


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Contact Us at +44 (0) 208 087 2028 for more information or a demonstration on how Reziliant can help you meet your audit & compliance obligations.

Reziliant Features

Audit & Compliance Management

reziliant dashboard


Based on a meta framework businesses can select from over 100 international standards frameworks


Manage risks associated with individual controls and determine processes maturity


Manage all Issues raised that are related to specific controls.  Assign Issues to team members.


Manage Tasks associated with Risks, Issues and Control.  Assign Tasks to team members.

COVID-19 Transmission Risk Assessment

Audit & Workplace Compliance

All businesses returning to the workplace will be required to conduct a COVID-19 risk assessment prior to opening their doors. The UK Government has published guidance on what actions businesses are required to take in order to start trading again. The Reziliant COVID-19 Workplace Transmission Risk Assessment application enables businesses to implement these guidelines and requirements in a simple to use business tool.

Reziliant incorporates all 8 sets of COVID-19 government guidelines in a simple to use application. Upon completion of the assessment and dependent on a positive result, businesses can download and print their COVID-19 Assessment Certificate for display in their shopfront or website.

reziliant covid