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Reziliant Covid-19

Workplace Audit & Compliance Application

COVID-19 – Workplace Transmission Risk Assessment

Are You Managing Your COVID Workplace Risk Assessments?

Have You Conducted A Full COVID-19 Risk Assessment?

Do You Want A Fast & Effective Way To Be Compliant?

What You Need To Know and Do

The UK Government has published guidance on what ACTIONS businesses are required to take in order to start trading again.  All businesses are required to undertake a Risk Assessment.

Manual Risk Assessments are COSTLY and ERROR PRONE.  Small business owners will also be impacted by the cost of conducting these audits to the required standards by employing external bodies.

  • Businesses have a legal responsibility to protect their employees and people on site.
  • The HSE or local council can issue an enforcement notice for failure to undertake a risk assessment.
  • Enforcement action could include ordering you to close shop.
  • Prove to your customers that you take their health seriously.
covid risk

What You Can Do To Be Compliant

DEMONSTRATE and PROVE to your employees and customers that you have conducted your COVID-19 Risk Assessment.

  • PROVE to your customers that you take their health and wellbeing seriously.
  • SAVE time and money by using a system designed for the purpose.
  • Provide a SAFE working environment for your employees.

How Does Reziliant Help You?

The Reziliant COVID-19 Assessment application is the best way to CUT MANAGEMENT COST, RECURRENT COST of contract renewal for assessments and IMPROVE business sales by showing your customers they are safe at your business place.

The Reziliant COVID-19 Assessment application is based on UK Government guidelines and addresses three key areas of compliance – Policy, Processes and Documentation.

Upon completion of your ASSESSMENT you are provided with a CERTIFICATE to display at your business place demonstrating that your assessment was successful and people are safe to do business with you.

  • Capture your mitigating actions.
  • Capture Tasks and Issues.
  • Determine your Risk Profile & Compliance.
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What Is Included In The Application?

As part of your online subscription you will get:

  • Access to all 8 assessment types.
  • Capture Actions and Risk Mitigations.
  • Capture Tasks and Issues.
  • Determine your transmission risk level.
  • A certificate with your company name.