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The right people, at the right time


Deslyon provides qualified staff and resource where required by our clients. All our associates are thoroughly vetted for the required assignment. Associates placed with a client have full access and the backing of senior management as well as access to our shared pool of global knowledge.

Resourcing is required for all projects, assignments and business as usual tasks in the world of cyber security, data protection, infrastructure management and everything in between. Deslyon can cater for your specialist resourcing needs with people trained and experienced in the latest techniques. We employ and manage highly skilled, qualified and experienced consultants and technicians, backed up by the latest qualifications.

As the threat of cyber security and the increasingly regulated world of data protection (GDPR & DPA 2018) and privacy increases, most organisations need highly skilled and knowledgeable resources to assist them in the short and long term. Whether on a project or to combat a threat, we have a fully trained team ready to assist.

Every day we hear another report of a major hack or cyber attack on major organisations. We can all imagine all the smaller unreported SME organisations who are hacked or breached and potentially under the threat of losing their business or held at ransom, at least damaged by a hacker who has destroyed or holding their data at ransom.

During all stages of our Plan, Do, Check, Act model we can provide you with the resources you need to get the job done. We can advise you on the best way to manage your resourcing needs.

Programme Management

Compliance Manager

Project Management

Business Analysts

Data Protection Officer

Qualified Pen-Testers

Cyber Risk Managers

Cloud Specialists

Accredited Associates

Deslyon management and team members are fully accredited in their specific fields.






Six Sigma

MoR Practitioner


Resourcing Solutions

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