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CyberSecurity Solutions

Securing What Is Important

CyberSecurity Solutions

Deslyon CyberSecurity Solutions help you to prepare and protect your systems and infrastructure from various cyber threats.  Whilst we read daily reports of systems being compromised by hackers, the most common threats are still accidental data leaks, vulnerable systems, disgruntled employees and poor security configurations.  The Deslyon CyberSecurity services are designed to compliment your existing processes and defences.

CyberSecurity Healthchecks

By conducting a health check we can help determine your business baseline security controls and current security posture. Once completed we will produce a comprehensive report that will outline how you can make improvements to increase your cyber resilience.

Protective Monitoring

Our protective monitoring service monitors your infrastructure 24/7 for potential attacks, unauthorised assets and possible data ex-filtration.  We can tailor a solution to meet your requirements.

Vulnerability Scans

We offer a comprehensive vulnerability assessment service of your business environment to cover the full range of common cyber threats. This can cover both internal and external tests.  Identified risks can be mitigated through effective control implementation.


The vast majority of cyber hacks still occur as a result of malware delivered by e-mail and phishing attacks.  We can design custom campaigns to test your staff awareness levels and further educate them about the threats posed to organisational assets.

CyberSecurity Solutions

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