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Cyber Risk & Compliance

Making Informed Decisions

Cyber Risk & Compliance

Risk is at the heart of everything you do as an organisation.  Deslyon helps you identify, understand, assess and manage the risk that threaten your business.  An organisation’s prosperity depends on their ability to secure their technology and data networks from the various cyber threats.  This means understanding where the key risks exist within your business, how to detect the risk and how to protect your business from these risks.

Our Cyber Risk Management solution help you understand and manage the risks facing your organisation and put in place robust cybersecurity and tested contingency plans proportionate to the complexity and nature of the business.

Deslyon Cyber Risk Assessment Model (CRAM)

Deslyon has developed CRAM, a cyber risk assessment model that helps businesses to understand, manage and reduce their cybersecurity risks. Using CRAM, Deslyon is able support businesses to review cybersecurity practices, establish and improve the cybersecurity programme and communicate cybersecurity requirements. CRAM is designed to help manage cybersecurity risk by:

• Defining the current (as is) and target (to be) state
• Identifying and prioritising opportunities for improvement
• Constructing an implementation roadmap and assess progress
• Complement existing processes and programmes
• Communicating about cybersecurity risk
• Using risk management processes for prioritising cybersecurity activities
• Developing cybersecurity performance measures

The Need For Cyber Risk Management

The rapid growth of digital technologies and reliance on information technology and data by organisations has presented both risks and opportunities. This evolving environment has brought huge benefits, but it also exposes organisations to significant cyber risks and increased data security breaches. The consequences can range from regulatory fines and reputational risk, to complete business failure.

An organisation’s prosperity now depends on their ability to secure their technology, data and networks from the various sophisticated cyber threats faced. This means understanding where the key risks exist within their business, how to detect the risk and how to protect themselves from this rising threat.

Compliance Reviews

Our compliance reviews are designed to provide a comprehensive view of your adherence to regulatory and non-regulatory guidelines. Reviews form a valuable part of your organisation’s overall approach to risk and compliance management. The value of a compliance review includes:

  • Reduced exposure to regulator penalties
  • Identify business risks
  • Measure the effectiveness of current controls
  • Identify gaps and provide a basis for remediation and improvement plans
  • Demonstrate process compliance

High Level RISK MANAGEMENT PROCESS Establish Setup framework Identify risks Identify Analyse Analyse risks Risk appetite Evaluate Treatment Treat risks Periodic Monitor

Cyber Risk Management Solutions

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